A studio apartment is not the same as a one-bedroom apartment because of the differences in its layout. A studio unit is basically a single open living space that may include a separate bathroom. A one-bedroom apartment, on the other hand, includes a bedroom space that is separated from the kitchen, bath, and other living areas by a door.

If you are planning to purchase a new apartment, you may not know which layout is more appropriate for you. Here are a few indications that a one-bedroom apartment is a better fit for your needs than its studio counterpart.

You Have Occasional Guests Who Sleep Over

In a studio apartment, you and your guest would have to share the same open space. With a one-bedroom apartment, your guest could spend the night on a futon or pull-out sofa in the living room, and you could still sleep in your bed, maintaining your privacy and that of the other person.

Additionally, you could access the personal items in your dresser or nightstand without disturbing your guest during the night.

You Have a Large Amount of Furniture 

A studio apartment tends to be smaller, so the amount of space available for furniture is limited. Additionally, with all of the living areas combined into one space, too many furniture pieces can make the studio space feel cluttered and disorganized. 

A one-bedroom apartment still allows the bedroom furniture to be housed in a separate space. As a result, there are more areas available for the placement of your pieces.

You Are Moving Into the Apartment With Your Spouse

Even the closest of partners often desire some personal space. With a studio apartment, privacy is difficult to create. 

In a one-bedroom apartment, the door of the bedroom can be closed to produce privacy for both of the apartment's occupants. Each person can talk on the phone, rest, or study alone. 

You Enjoy Entertaining in Your Home

It may be more difficult to have a party or entertain guests in a studio apartment. The guests have immediate access to your entire living space. Also, the size limitations of the space may seem too restrictive for guests.

With a one-bedroom apartment, there is often more space, Additionally, you can separate personal items by simply closing your bedroom door. Also, any unlaundered clothing or other untidy items in your bedroom can be hidden from view.

To see a list of available one-bedroom apartments in your area, schedule a consultation with a local real estate professional.