Finding a place to rent as a senior can be intimidating, but there are a lot of good options to consider. Apartment complexes with primarily 1-bedroom units are often good choices for single senior citizens. Here is a look at some of the perks of these apartments that befit a single senior. 

1. Many of these apartments are pet-friendly. 

Many apartment complexes these days are pet-friendly, but it is especially common among apartment complexes that have a lot of single-bedroom units. Single adults do often have a pet, so the owners of these properties try to make the units as inviting as possible. If you have a pet companion as a single senior citizen, you should have no problem finding a place to rent that allows your pet. 

2. Your neighbors can be single adults as well. 

When you reach your senior years, you may not necessarily be eager about a lot of small children running around where you live. In an apartment complex that primarily offers 1-bedroom units, it is unlikely that you will have neighbors that have children. In fact, you will probably run into a lot of people just like you.

3. Apartment complexes with 1-bedroom apartments tend to have on-site amenities. 

Communal gathering places are relatively common at a lot of apartment complexes, but they can be even more prevalent in complexes that primarily house 1-bedroom apartments. You may find a place to live that offers you an on-site pool, fitness area, or gathering area for all residents like an outdoor shared patio or gazebo. 

4. Most 1-bedroom apartments are designed to be small and easy to maintain.

As a single senior citizen, having a large place to live with a lot to clean and maintain is really not all that ideal. Most 1-bedroom apartments are conservatively sized.  The national average size for a 1-bedroom apartment is 678.32 square feet. You could easily find a nice place to live that is suitable for the level of cleaning and maintenance that you can provide on your own.

5. Single-bedroom apartments tend to be the most affordable no matter where you live. 

If you are living on a fixed income as a lot of senior citizens are, you are likely going to need a place to rent that is going to fit within your budget. No matter where you live geographically, single-bedroom apartments tend to be some of the most affordable options.

To learn more, contact a complex that offers 1-bedroom apartments.