If you're heading off to college this year, you need to take a close look at your housing options. If you've decided to live on campus, you might want to think about over-crowding. This is especially important if you'll be attending USC. You might not know this, but about 98% of the students at USC live in on-campus housing. That's one of the reasons why you should rent an off-campus apartment instead. But, there are other benefits to renting an off-campus apartment. Here are three of those reasons for you to consider an off-campus apartment. 

Choose Your Own Roommates

If you've decided to live on campus, you should think about the roommate situation. If you're going to live in on-campus housing, you might not get to choose your roommates, especially during your first year of college. You won't have that problem when you rent your own off-campus apartment. When you rent your own apartment, you get to choose your own roommates. 

Enjoy Community Atmosphere

If you want to experience more than campus life while you're going to college, now's the time to talk to a real estate agent. When you live on campus, you'll be surrounded by your fellow students. But, you might not be close enough to enjoy the local communities. That's where an off-campus apartment comes into the picture. When you rent an off-campus apartment, you'll be part of the bigger community. That means you can enjoy the malls, restaurants, and local activities. You'll also be close enough to campus to enjoy those activities as well. 

Enjoy All the Extra Amenities

If you want more than a place to live while you're away at college, don't settle for on-campus housing. With on-campus housing, you won't get to enjoy any extra amenities. That's why you need to rent an off-campus apartment. One of the great things about off-campus apartments is that they come with things like swimming pools and hot tubs. Some of them even have on-site gyms and basketball courts. Not only that, but you can rent an apartment that includes a washer and dryer. That means you won't need to use the campus laundry facilities. Best of all, you can host your own activities, without worrying about campus oversight. 

Now that you're leaving for college, make sure you have a comfortable place to live. For information on off-campus apartments, like USC off-campus housing, contact a real estate agent near your college. They can help you find the apartment that's right for you.