While becoming a condo owner may not give you as many freedoms as those who own a single-family home, you may prefer the benefits that it can provide. For instance, you can buy a condo with shared amenities that you can enjoy at any time without having to worry about upkeep.

If you look at condo listings, you will find units in all sorts of community sizes. While you may find satisfaction in them all, you should learn why small communities are an excellent choice.


Large condo communities can include hundreds or even thousands of units, depending on the property size and number of buildings. While a spacious property can help with reducing community noise, you will likely find smaller communities to be quieter in general. Living in a place with fewer neighbors naturally reduces your chance of experiencing excessive noise.

Also, living in a small community makes it easy to pinpoint where loud noises come from. This makes it easier to file a noise complaint and have it resolved by the management association.


A major benefit of living in a small condo community is related to the amenities. For instance, a small resident count means that you will have better and easier access to all the amenities. The gym, hot tub, pool, rooftop deck, and laundry facilities will not feel as crowded in general.

This can make the difference between having to wait to use a washing machine or dryer and being able to do your laundry at any time without thinking about the time of day.

Living in a small community also means that most amenities will be close by. Getting quick and easy access to most amenities from your unit will make you more likely to use them. You can even prioritize units where certain amenities are right outside to encourage frequent use. A great example is demanding a unit next to a hot tub and pool so you can get there in seconds.


Small condo communities have a limited number of units compared to larger communities. This increases the chances of seeing the same neighbors regularly. As a result, you are more likely to see the same people while walking around or using the shared amenities. You will find it easier to build relationships with these residents and become more invested in the community.

If you like the sound of these benefits, you should buy a condo in a small community. Talk to a residential real estate agent to find your next place.