When you own more than one home, you may think about generating supplemental income by renting out the space. While many people try to manage additional properties on their own, it can be difficult to do, especially if you are busy with your own family and job. If you have an income property, here are three reasons to turn things over to a property management team

1. Screen Tenants More Carefully 

Oftentimes, it can be tricky to know who to rent your income property to, especially if you are too busy to interview prospective tenants. However, by working with a property management company, you have the chance to find the perfect new renters, even if you are short on time. 

Property management companies can go through your list of applicants and screen for all kinds of things, including prior evictions or complications with other rentals. Once they find the right tenant, they can chat with you about moving forward with the rental. Being careful about who you rent to can make it easier to avoid things like evictions and property damage. 

2. Simplify Your Daily Schedule 

If you are too busy to manage the day-to-day aspects of property ownership, working with a property management company just makes sense. Property management teams can take care of everything from answering calls to making sure that ongoing maintenance is managed, so you can enjoy your day instead of stressing about your rental. 

3. Improve Customer Interactions

Renters need to be able to reach out to their landlord when they have a problem. However, if you are busy, it can create a stressful situation for renters if they can't get ahold of you. One of the best things about property management is that they usually have teams on hand to help every day of the year, so you can create a better guest experience. 

Improving customer interactions can make it easier to create loyal, happy clients who may rent for longer than unsatisfied customers. Furthermore, property management teams can screen calls that may be handled easily, so you are only burdened with the larger issues, saving you time. 

When you are ready to work with a team of property management professionals, be honest with them about what you expect, what you need, and how you would like to proceed. Talk with them about current rates, any one-offs you should be aware of, and what you can do to streamline the experience as much as possible.