What makes a townhome different from an apartment or even a condo is this: when a person rents a townhome, they rent the property they reside in and the land that is attached to the property. Unlike a condo, where the person who rents the condo also has partial access to other community amenities of the property, like a pool or playground, a townhome is more private in that it can be treated much like a single-family home that is not attached to other properties. What is considered part of the townhome property is owned only by the person on the deed, and no parts of the townhome are shared property with other tenants.

If you want the privacy of a single-family home but the community of an apartment or condo, then living in a townhome is right for you. Here are things you should look for in a townhome rental when you go looking for real estate to rent.

The size of the yard

If having a private yard is a big deal to you when renting a property, then a townhome rental is right for you. You get to have the yard space you need for your children or pets and a bit of a back or front yard that is all your own, all without having to give up the apartment-style lifestyle you prefer. For this reason, seek a townhome rental that has an ample yard you can appreciate and use for backyard barbeque dining or just enjoying with your family.

The privacy factor

A townhome usually has a single wall attaching it to another townhome, but if you choose a center townhome rental, then two walls or more will be connected to adjoining townhomes. The most private townhome will be one that is on a corner of the lot or that doesn't have an adjoining townhome behind it. The fewer immediate neighbors you have, the more private your townhome rental can be.

The included amenities

Most townhomes don't come with amenities for community use, but they may come with private parking garages, utility sheds, or other amenities similar to those you can find in a detached family home. Whether you want a home that features two bedrooms, or you want a small space close to your work, a townhome rental has featured amenities that can bring you many comforts and give you more for your rental price.