When it comes to buying a home, set prices are uncommon. That includes the selling price and so much more. To gain a better idea of what is and what is not negotiable when purchasing a home, read on.

The Asking Price

Almost anyone who has bought or sold a home knows that the asking price is negotiable, at least in most cases. Home prices should be based on comparable sold prices for like homes in the same area. Unfortunately, that means home prices will fluctuate wildly depending on market factors like neighborhood desirability and more. So, how does a buyer know how much to offer? Ask an expert. Real estate agents are trained to know what the most recent comps are, plus they have inside knowledge about particular homes and the local market. When it comes to making an offer, let your agent be the guide.

What's Included?

In most areas, what constitutes a fixture is based on its attachment to the home. Dishwashers, for instance, are attached by the plumbing system and thus are probably part of the sale. If in doubt, ask the agent especially if your decision to make an offer is based on that beautiful light fixture in the foyer. Some items may be in a gray area, such as window coverings and hot tubs.

For a certain subset of home sales, the home could come complete with furniture and other things—down to dishes and bath towels. Those homes, for the most part, exist only in resort areas where most the of real estate market consists of short-term rentals for vacationers. In those areas, it's not unusual for homes to be sold fully furnished or with the option to purchase the furnishings separately. Along with resort homes, some homes contain bulky, difficult-to-move items like pool tables, home gyms, pianos, and more. Be sure to confirm any inclusions that don't fall into the fixtures category on the sales contract.

Closing Costs

Finally, the cash buyers need to close the deal may be negotiable and any variations in common closing costs should be settled with the purchase offer contract. Some types of loans, such as Veterans Administration (VA) and other government-backed loans have specific requirements for who pays what closing costs. Almost all closing costs are negotiable, from loan origination fees to title insurance costs. If you expect your offer to be accepted, however, be careful about expecting the seller to come up with a lot of cash at the closing.

To find out more about what is and what is not negotiable in a home purchase, speak to your real estate agent.