A single-family home is often an excellent fit for a couple who is looking to start a family. But, while you may like houses for various reasons, you may find condo living to be more appealing and fitting for your desired lifestyle. Most condos are going to be smaller than houses, which means you may need to search around for a while to find a sizable condo to buy and live in.

While size is one factor worth analyzing, you should also pay attention to other important factors that can help you purchase a condo that works well for children.

Bottom Floor

Going with a condo on the bottom floor is a smart move because it will prevent you from having to go upstairs while going through pregnancy. Also, when you have a newborn baby all the way until they are a couple of years old, you may need to carry them up and down every flight of stairs.

Buying a unit on the first floor means that you can enter and exit your condo without having to go up or down stairs. This will also come in handy as the years pass by since even toddlers can have trouble using stairs on their own as all it takes is a slight misstep to lose balance and trip.


One of the unique things about a condo is that you can find communities with lots of shared amenities to enjoy. This is when you can prioritize complexes with amenities that you know your children will enjoy using on their own when they are older or together as a family.

An ideal amenity to demand is a pool because you can use one in so many ways such as swimming, relaxing, and playing games. Finding a condo community where the pool has a shallow end is important because this will give you peace of mind when your children want to swim.


While your kids grow up, you may intend on taking them to preschool, elementary school, middle school, and high school while living in the same place. This means that you should prioritize condos in which all these schools are walkable or close to a local school bus route.

Although you may intend on driving your kids to school, you cannot predict health or work changes that can get in the way. Buying a condo while considering school locations will ensure that your kids can get to all these schools without going through a complicated process.

When you want to start a family, you should buy a condo while thinking about children to make the right purchase for the long-term. 

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