Luxury property is a good investment, especially when it is situated in a great part of town. Older luxury properties can be especially alluring since they often have accents that add charm and interest to the space. However, styles can change a lot over the years, which could leave you with a few projects on your hands. Here are three updates you should make if you purchase an older luxury home. 

1. Have Woodwork Painted

Prized for its warmth and organic beauty, wood will never go out of style. However, woodworking can start to look very dated, especially if it is ornate or contains personalized decorative accents. While you can't always remove these accents and choose a matching stain color to blend in the void, you can patch wood and paint over it. 

Whether you want to liven up your space or remove ornate wooden monograms, having the woodwork in your home painted is a great way to update your space. Consider painting woodworking, board and batten, and coffered ceilings white to open up the new home and to breathe life into your interiors. 

2. Open Up The Floorplan

Older homes often have very segmented floorplans, which can make each room feel closed off. If the luxury property you purchase has this problem, think about opening it up by working with a professional renovation team. Talk with them about which rooms you want to be larger, how much space you need to add, and how long the project will take. Keep in mind that some new rooms may need additional supports to span the weight of upper levels. 

3. Install A Home Automation System

Every modern home could benefit from a home automation system since they can help with everything from temperature control to home security. Think about updating your home with a state-of-the-art automation system, and don't hesitate to incorporate a security component to create alerts if anyone enters your home without your consent. Home automation systems are also convenient, especially if you have to buzz people in through the front gate regularly. 

When you are completely ready to start searching for a luxury home, talk with your real estate agent. Ask them which properties have recently come onto the market and how their price per square foot compares with other houses in the area. When you find the right home, put in an aggressive offer and don't be afraid to walk away. Look for luxury homes in an area you like.