Many preppers have a secondary location that they can go to should disaster strike. These bug-out locations also called retreats, are located on ranch properties in rural areas. Purchasing one is a great way to keep yourself and your family safe in the event of natural disasters, civil unrest, power grid failure, or even an EMP. There are a few things that you should look for in ranch property, however, if you intend to use it as a bug out location.

1. Proximity: A bug out location should be in an area that you can drive to on one tank of gas. The Big Blackout of 2003 showed us that gas stations cannot pump gas during a massive power grid failure and people cannot fill up their tanks. Having a ranch property within driving distance will help you successfully bug out. 

2. Remoteness: The ranch property that you choose for your bug out location needs to be remote. You do not want something off the main road or visible from the highway. The whole point of a bug out location is to get away from all the people and hunker down with your loved ones. Likewise, a cabin in the middle of flat, prairie land can be spotted from miles away while one located in a dense forest on the side of a mountain is much more secluded and hard to find. 

3. Access: While you need to be able to drive there, you do not need to roll out the red carpet. Access to your ranch property should be uninviting. A nice paved road says, "Let's investigate" while a speck of dirt, two-track says, "Let's go somewhere else." Avoid any obvious signage, like a mailbox, or a sign with your last name to mark the property's location. 

4. Water: A major key to a long-term bug out location is access to water. While you can drill a well, modern wells do not work without electricity. Having a natural source of water is also important. Ranch property with immediate access to a lake, river, or even natural spring is a good choice.

5. Building Regulations: If you plan to build a small, off-grid home, you will want a ranch property that is in an area where neither the city nor the county enforces building and zoning regulations. Most rural areas do not have such restrictions. 

Ranch property can be used for many things. If you want a bug out location, keep these things in mind when you are looking for great ranch land sales