When you bought a rental property, you may have been able to set aside enough time to manage the place comfortably. But, you may no longer be able to devote as much time as you would like to the rental due to handling other obligations in your life. While you could attempt to squeeze in rental management, you will find that a far better solution is to hire a property manager.

By getting professional management for your rental property, you can avoid a lot of issues and look forward to better results in the areas that often demand most of your time.


As soon as a tenant puts in their move-out notice, you can begin the marketing process. While you could put minimal time and effort into marketing, you might miss out on a considerable amount of income if it ends up taking several months to fill a vacancy. Hiring a property manager is so beneficial because they can start listing the rental online before the tenant moves out.

A professional will be accustomed to working with tenants to show the rental to potential applicants while the place is occupied. This could lead to a situation in which the vacancy is only for a couple of days to give a property manager enough time to handle cleaning and upkeep.


Maintaining the rental property is something that you may run into problems trying to accomplish when you cannot put in much time. Ideally, you should invest in preventive upkeep during a vacancy to minimize the chance that any problems happen with the next tenant.

When you are managing the rental on a short schedule, you may only find yourself reacting to problems instead of preventing them. This can become more costly since lingering issues that grow worse with time are often more expensive to fix compared to catching them early.


Another important part of rental management that you do not want to make any sacrifices on is communication with tenants. Making sure that your tenants are happy and content with how well you communicate with them can lead to greater income with longer tenancies.

If you miss phone calls, give short answers, and take a long time to respond due to devoting time elsewhere, you could end up with dissatisfied tenants.

When you know that you are limited on time, you should hire a property manager that can devote as much time as they need to make sure your rental is managed optimally.

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