When you commit to buying a home, you may want to know that you are going to love the place that you live in as the whole process from start to finish is demanding and time-consuming. To make sure that this happens, you should know what you want to demand as well as avoid.

For instance, your family may want to enjoy a great deal of privacy both inside and outside the house. Accomplishing this goal should not be too challenging as long as you know what features and qualities are worth demanding when you start looking at home listings online and in person.


A reliable way to get privacy for your family is with fencing that surrounds the entire property. However, you cannot expect any fence to provide the privacy that your family desires. You will need to check out the fence in photos and in person to determine its ability to provide privacy.

The two most important details that you will want to analyze include the height and picket gap. A wooden fence can range from providing a ton of privacy to hardly any at all. Prioritizing a tall fence with almost nonexistent picket gaps will likely provide the most privacy for your family.

Plant Growth

Inspecting the landscape and all its plant growth is also important because you will find lots of shrubs, privacy hedges, and trees that can provide ample privacy. You may even be able to find homes with privacy hedges that are able to surpass fencing in how much privacy they supply.


While a tall fence and excellent plant coverage can give you reliable privacy, you should not underestimate the importance of window placement and size. Some windows do not expose the room and your family to neighbors, pedestrians, or drivers while others are in clear view. This makes in-house tours important since you can look out from the windows to determine privacy.


A simple and effective way to get all the privacy that your family may want to experience while living in a home that you own is picking the right location. A rural house that does not have any neighbors or busy roads nearby may provide enough privacy naturally without other features.

Using some or all these tips when shopping around for a house will give you the information and tools that you need to get reliable privacy with your home purchase.

If you are looking at homes for sale, consider all of these points above.