You may have spent a couple of weeks getting your house ready to put on the market, and when the day comes to make the listing live, you need to make sure that the information you provide will garner maximum buyer interest, especially if your housing market isn't currently very competitive. 

Here are some tips that can help catch the interest of buyers in your area, even when they have plenty of other houses to choose from in their search. 

1. Get Professional Photos

Too many home sellers use personal photos to sell their homes. These photos end up looking less polished online and sometimes fail to feature room in an accurate manner. Photos you take yourself often make rooms look smaller, darker, and they don't give home buyers an good idea of the floor plan of the house. You want photos that have a natural progression as your scroll through them, beginning with the front elevation, and then taking you through the house as you open the front door. A professional photographer can also provide 360 degrees takes of each room, or do a video tour of the house, which helps buyers know the flow of the home. 

2. Show More, Not Less

Sometimes, people are worried about less updated rooms taking away from the listing. It's okay to skip a picture of a bedroom, but never skip out on photos of the kitchen, bathroom, or master bedroom. The kitchen is especially important to buyers, and when pictures of the kitchen are missing, they might lose interest in your home entirely. 

3. Give a Good Description of Property Features

Your property description should be concise and easy to read, but it should also highlight the selling points of the house clearly. Don't let emotional language crowd the listing, but instead state the facts, such as proximity to local schools, the age of the roof or the HVAC system, and recent updates. People also like to know things about parking, storage, neighborhood safety, whether or not the yard is fenced, and how efficient the home is for utility usage. 

4. Provide Concrete Open House Details

Don't let your listing go live without a planned date for an open house. This way, as soon as the listing is up, people know an open time when they can come see the house in person. It eliminates the step of making an appointment. 

When you're ready to sell your home, take the time to show it to it's full potential to attract buyers. A local real estate agent can help make the process easier.