While looking for a new apartment can be an exciting time, it is easy to be overwhelmed with all the things that you need to consider when selecting where your next lease will be. Here are 5 things you may not be considering.

The Storage

One thing that is not always consistent between apartment buildings is storage. Some have a storage unit in the basement where you can put large items like bicycles and extra boxes, while others do not. Always make sure you ask about what kind of storage is being offered with the storage unit and if it costs extra. 

The Stove

You always want to take a look at the stove of the apartment that you will be renting. If you are renting an apartment on the smaller size, you may not realize that the stove is smaller than a standard stove. This can make it difficult to cook a Thanksgiving dinner or do a lot of your at-home cooking. A stove is not exactly something that is easy to swap out with a larger one as a request, especially if space is a concern.

The Parking

How many people will be living in your apartment with vehicles? Parking may be included, but the question you'll want to ask is how many parking spaces you get and if you have to pay per spot. You may be surprised that you are limited to how many parking spaces you have because you did not think to ask the question before you signed the lease.

The Neighbors

It is hard to get information on what the neighbors are like when you only visit the apartment once or twice during the day. If you are worried about noisy neighbors, look at apartments that can limit sounds from nearby units. For example, picking a floor on the top of a building that doesn't have people walking above you or picking a corner unit that has fewer shared walls.

The Natural Light

Are you the type of person that likes sunlight in the mornings when you wake up or maybe natural light in the evening when you get home from work? Consider which side of the unit has exposure to the sun at those times of the day. If you love morning sunlight coming into your bedroom, consider a unit with eastern sun exposure so that you can have a bright morning.

For more information about apartments for rent, such as a two-bedroom apartment, reach out to a real estate agent.