Finding the perfect ranch land can be quite a hassle. To the uninitiated, it may seem like any old plot of land would be fine for cattle, sheep, or horses to graze — but this is not exactly the case. When looking for land, then, how do you tell the difference between land that would be an okay choice and land that would be a great choice for a ranch? Well, to start, you can keep an eye out for these characteristics and features.

Some Hills

You don't need an overtly hilly piece of property, but you don't want something completely flat, either. If you are able to find a plot with at least a few small hills, then this is ideal. Hills help ensure that when it has been wet and rainy, your animals have at least some place they can walk up to keep their feet and legs dry. Walking up and down the hills also helps keep your animals conditioned. Of course, this is more important for horses than for other ranch animals.

Clusters of Trees

While you could buy a piece of land with no trees, it is actually better if the land has a few clusters of trees here and there. You don't want an overt forest that you have to pay to knock down to make a pasture, but if you have just a few clusters of trees, then your animals will have some shade without you having to spend money putting up shelters. In the case of horses, this means you can leave them out for longer without worrying about bringing them in when it's too hot and sunny. Cattle and sheep need some relief from the sun, too.

Good Neighbors

When you live and work on a ranch, you come to rely on your neighbors. You help each other catch loose animals, inform each other of any threats to the area, like bears or cougars, and may even help each other put up hay when that season comes. Make a point of meeting the neighbors before you buy ranch land. If they don't seem agreeable or welcoming, you might be better off looking elsewhere.

If you can manage to find a piece of ranch land with some gentle hills, clusters of trees, and nice neighbors, jump on it! This opportunity does not come around that often; you're going to have a happy life on that ranch. Contact a real estate agent for help with finding ranches for sale in your area.