As a single person, a studio or one-bedroom apartment may suit you just fine. Although you will have the appropriate amount of space with a one-bedroom apartment, there is so much more that you can do with a two-bedroom. Whether you have guests often and need a room for them or you are looking for an office space for all of your work equipment, you should consider a move to a two-bedroom apartment. Here are three ways to upgrade to a two-bedroom apartment for an inexpensive price. 

Look for apartments marketed with study rooms

Two-bedroom apartments are often a few hundred dollars higher than the same one-bedroom apartments in the complex. One type of apartment that is typically around the same price as a one-bedroom is a one-bedroom apartment with a study. The study typically comes with a door or a french door and it can be self-contained just like a bedroom. Most rooms that are marketed as a study will not have a closet on the inside of the room. This will be an affordable way to provide you with more space. 

Talk with your accountant about write-offs

If you operate all or a portion of work or business from home, you have access to tax write-offs. Square footage that is used for business needs can be deducted from your taxes. If you pay quarterly taxes this will decrease the amount that you pay every few months, allowing you more money to put towards your apartment.  If you are a business owner, having a dedicated room to place all of your business items and work will also increase your overall income because your productivity will increase. 

Ask your real estate agent to barter

It is true that real estate agents are helpful when finding a place to live in more ways than one. Often, real estate agents are able to barter prices with both owners and with businesses themselves to provide their clients with premium pricing. Have your real estate agent speak with apartment complexes or apartment owners before you take a look at the spaces. If you are working with an agent who often finds rentals and is well known in the area, you can have access to pricing specials that are not available to the general public. Be sure to let your agent know that you are coming alone as a single person who will be using fewer utilities in order to lobby your interest to apartment complexes and get a cheaper apartment price.