Homes designed to house one family as a freestanding structure are single-family homes. If you are shopping for a new home for your family, you are likely to have some curiosities along the way. 

Do you own the land when you buy a single-family home?

One of the advantages of buying a single-family home is you are getting the house and the land that the house is built upon. When you buy a townhome or condo, that is usually not the case. As the owner of the property with a single-family detached house, you have the right to make decisions about how you use the property. For example, if you want to implement a sidewalk or install an inground pool, those are choices you can freely make. Of course, some single-family properties are part of an HOA, which means the HOA may have some guidelines about how the property can be further developed. 

Is a mobile home considered a single-family home?

Mobile homes are actually some of the most common single-family dwellings in some areas. These structures are prefabricated and set up on the property, but they are also designed to house a single family just the same. Therefore, they are similar to a single-family home, but they are not usually advertised as single-family homes. 

Are property taxes higher for a single-family home?

Not necessarily. Property taxes are determined according to the real estate tax rate set forth by the local government and the value of the home. A single-family dwelling may be more valuable, but that is actually not the general rule. Some luxury condos and townhomes can be more expensive than a single-family house, which means their property taxes would be more.

Why are there so many single-family homes?

In most areas, single-family homes do make up the majority of the property listings. The reason for this is simply the fact that these are the most commonly sought after dwellings in the majority of the country. Of course, there can be a drastic difference in urban areas where townhomes, condominiums, and multi-family apartment complexes are more common.

Is it true that most single-family homes have a similar price point?

It's true that you may find a lot of single-household units at similar prices, but there can be a wide spectrum of price points on all units in a given area. The homes can be anything from small and conservative two-bedroom homes on a small lot to large two-story homes with a lot of land and space. 

To learn more about single-family homes for sale in your area, talk to a real estate agent.