When you sell your home, the buyer will want to have a home inspection. If the buyer has already made an offer on your home, then your sale could be contingent on the inspection report. However, there is no need to fear a home inspection.

Most homes have some problems. That doesn't mean the sale will fall through. If you have major problems in certain areas, then try to address those before you list. Here are some of the areas that inspectors check that may be home sale deal breakers.

Foundation Deterioration

The foundation is the base of your home. If your foundation has big problems, then the whole home structure is affected. While many foundation problems are fixable, some buyers may pass on your home and move on to another one.

Major Water Damage

Unrepaired water damage could indicate further problems with mold, mildew, and wood rot down the road. This could mean major structural problems and expense for the buyer in the future.

Asbestos Issues

Asbestos was common in many homes up to a relatively recent time. Intact asbestos may not cause a problem. However, if the asbestos is ever disturbed, then it can cause severe health problems. Some home buyers may not want to take the risk.

Worn Roof

If your roof is reaching the end of the lifespan, then that may be a deal-breaker for some buyers. Many buyers don't want to tackle a roof replacement early in their homeownership.

Faulty Wiring

Many people have high electricity demands in these times. An older home may be unable to handle the needs of modern electrical appliances. If you have an older home, then your entire home wiring may need an upgrade. Some buyers may be turned off by the expense of this issue.

Pest Infestation

Some pests can outright destroy your home. Mice chew into wood panels and weaken wood structures. Termites can weaken an entire house over time. Bed bugs are expensive and difficult to get rid of. Your buyer may ask for mediation if the home has pest issues.

Most homes have problems, but some buyers may not want to deal with certain issues. If these issues are minor and easily fixed or remedied, then the buyer may choose to proceed. In some cases, the buyer may negotiate repairs or a percentage off their asking price.

You can minimize your risk by taking care of these problems well before you put your home on the market. For more information about home inspections or you want to have a pre-sale inspection of your home, then contact a home inspector for more information.