Technology has made it possible for a lot of people to work at home, and if you are a freelance writer, chances are this is where you spend most of your workdays as well. However, renting a professional office space can really come along with some desirable advantages. If you have toyed with the idea of renting your own office space, you should know that these spaces are available in a lot of places for a relatively affordable price. Here is a look at some of the good reasons to rent one of these spaces as a freelance writer. 

1. Obtain your own quiet workspace to use when you need to get away from home. 

Working at home definitely has its advantages. You get to climb straight from the bed and get to work without doing anything about your appearance or worrying about a commute. But, working at home when you have kids, a spouse, noisy neighbors, and sometimes even cats and too many pop-in visitors can be tough. Even if you do not use your office every single day, you will have it available when you have a lot to get done and way too much commotion going on at home. 

2. Provide a more professional persona in the community. 

Having an office space within a building of other professionals really does send out a positive impression about you as a professional in the community. Landing local clients is not always easy to do if you are simply working out of your home. If you have a physical office address in town, you can easily advertise your services to the local community and let them know they can come in and see you at your office. While this is possible at home, having unexpected visitors pop in may mean they catch you in your pajamas and a toddler with Cheeto cheeks clinging to your hip.  

3. Take advantage of tax-deductible office space.

Just as you can get business deductions for your office at home, you can also get deductions for renting a professional office space. It is not at all uncommon for writers to have both an office at home and an office they rent. You will get to recoup some of what you paid for the office at tax time, which essentially means whatever your lease payment is will be substantially lower when all the financial matters are settled and you've filed your taxes. 

Contact an agent if you are interested in looking for a professional office space for lease.