You tried living in a tiny home, but you've now decided it is time to move onto something bigger. Enlist the help of a house-selling Realtor and remember these pro tips in the process. 

1. Be careful how things are worded in the home description.

Yes, you are selling a tiny home, and stating so in your home description is pretty much a necessary thing because it is an attribute that cannot be ignored and is also a selling point for a specific group of people. However, you don't need to beat the "small" or "tiny" idea into the description; doing so can make it sound overly tiny and hard to live in. 

2. Clear the entire home of clutter and highlight storage space. 

Tiny homes can get cluttered much faster than a regular house, but before you decide to sell, it is imperative that you get rid of the clutter. Even if you have to invest in a storage unit temporarily until you get moved, it is well worth it. Nothing is going to remind prospects that living in such confined living space can be tough like cluttered corners and spaces. 

3. Use wide-angled shots to get good images for listings. 

One big thing people are looking at when they are considering the investment in a tiny home is how well they could fit in the home as a whole. Single shots of individual living areas can make the home look constricted and really small. Of course, the home is tiny, so it is a given that there is not a lot of floor space, but you want good wide-angled views of the home. 

4. Make sure the house is priced right. 

Even though tiny homes are small, they can come at a rather large expense. Some people do invest a lot of money while creating a tiny dwelling, and naturally, you will want to recoup what you paid. If you are in a neighborhood of tiny homes, your price point will not be so hard to pin down. But if your tiny dwelling is amid standard-sized houses, there are a lot of factors that must go into setting a fair price. If you have a tiny house that is not all that much cheaper than a regular house in the same area, interested buyers are going to be hard to come by. 

5. Highlight outdoor living space and property advantages. 

The land your tiny home sits upon can be just as much a selling point as the rest of the house, and in some cases, more of a selling point. People can be more confident that they can make it in a tiny dwelling if the outlying property is sizable, attractive, and enjoyable.