As a real estate agent, you shouldn't rely on the major players to post your listings on their websites. You should have your own website you can direct clients to that includes your listings and helpful information. Having your website setup correctly can help you connect with more clients and hopefully drive more sales.

Way #1: Add Videos to Your Listings

On your website, you should have all your active listings posted. You should have detailed descriptions for each listing as well as photos. If you want to stay on the cutting edge of what is relevant in real estate right now, you need to add videos to your listings.

With videos, you can help potential clients feel like they are walking through the home. You can also add videos that show the neighborhood or even that show off local schools and restaurants. Videos can greatly increase the inquires you get on properties.

Way #2: Make Your Site Mobile-Friendly

Second, you need to make sure your website is mobile-friendly. Many of your customers are going to look up homes on their mobile phones.

You need your website to be setup to be easily viewable on mobile phones. You may want to hire a web developer to make your site mobile-friendly; it is a worthwhile investment as it will increase the audience that can easily look at your website.

Way #3: Add Testimonials to Your Website

Third, you are going to want to add testimonials to your website. Set up your website so that customers can add their name and information and write a review or testimonial about what it was like to work with you.

You can ask clients you have helped in the past to write and leave testimonials on your website. People like to see reviews, and adding them directly to your website can help build trust in you as a real estate agent.

Way #4: Keep the Pop-Ups Down

Finally, your website is about sharing your listings and real estate information with your clients; it should not be something that you are relying on to generate advertising income from. Don't fill your website with lots of advertising.

Also, be careful with the pop-ups. It is okay to use one or two pop-ups on your website to ask for people's email addresses, but you don't want to overwhelm visitors with pop-ups; that is going to turn them off.

Improve your real estate website by making it mobile-friendly. Reduce advertisements and use pop-ups strategically on your website. Add videos to your listings and add testimonials as well; both improvements should increase interest in your listings and your services.

Speak with other real estate agents to learn more.