When you need to sell a home fast, selling to an all-cash buyer, such as a real estate investor, can be a great option. By going this route, not only can you sell your home as-is, but you can often close in as little as a couple of weeks. From there, you'll have cash-in-hand. This is often a sensible choice for those who are looking to sell a property they've inherited, but just about anybody can sell a house for cash.

Not sure where to begin? Follow a few simple steps to get started and you can be on the path to selling without the need for a real estate agent.

Research the Market

Because you most likely won't be working with a RealtorĀ® or real estate agent when you sell a home as-is for cash, you'll need to do your own homework to determine how much the home is worth. One simple way to get a feel for how much the home may be worth is to look online for information on how much similar homes have sold for in the area. Be sure to take square footage and the condition of the home into account, too. By having done your research, you'll be better able to recognize a fair cash offer when you see one.

Contact Local Buyers

There are likely multiple companies in your area that advertise "we buy houses for cash." Take some time to research a few of these companies and read online reviews from people who have sold homes to them in the past. From there, you can narrow down your options and set up appointments to receive cash offers for your home.

Gather Documentation

In order to complete a cash sale on a home, there is some important documentation you'll need. This includes:

  • your driver's license or other valid government ID
  • the deed for the house
  • a cashier's check to cover any remaining property taxes or other balances

Make sure you have all these documents in line before your closing date; check with your buyer if you have specific questions about documentation needed.

Close the Deal!

Once you've followed these steps, all that will be left to do is to show up at your closing appointment. Be prepared to sign a lot of documents to finalize the sale of your home, and then enjoy the instant cash you'll have when the process is over!