These are the homes of the stars, the homes that leave you envisioning a lavish life of luxury, and the homes many people work hard to get. Check out some of the attractive additions you may find in a luxury property. 

Indoor Pool

If you find a home that is listed with an indoor pool, you can rest assured that it is likely considered a luxury property. Indoor pools are rather expensive to install, so the presence of one can drastically up the property value. These spaces give homeowners year-round access to a pool, but it is not uncommon for the space to also contain a hot tub area as well. 


  • Pools require a high level of maintenance 
  • Indoor pools are expensive to eliminate if you eventually decide you want to use the space for some other purpose 

In-Home Theater 

The thought of inviting friends and family over for movie night in an actual theater in your home is definitely attractive. Often boasting theater-style seating, surround sound systems, and a massive screen, these in-home theaters bring a normally out-of-the-house entertainment home. 


  • Theater equipment may need periodic upgrades with new equipment to coincide with modern technology 
  • Not the easiest space to clean 
  • Non-versatile space that doesn't work well if you don't like the theater experience 

Home Gym 

Having your own in-home gym means you get to get in a good workout any time you feel like it. Luxury real estate is often outfitted with either a gym inside the house or in a separate building just off of the main living quarters. These spaces tend to be large and roomy enough for a range of equipment, usually boast mirrored walls, and may even have their own shower or sauna spots. 


  • Only beneficial for those that workout often 
  • The home gyms in luxury properties are not always flexible spaces that can logically have other uses
  • Outfitting a gym can be a major expense


The home library is one of those property features that any bibliophile can appreciate for sure. With floor-to-ceiling shelving, nice and cozy nooks for reading, and likely a very warm and inviting room overall, the library definitely has its advantages and obvious draws. Whether you love books, simply appreciate literature and knowledge, or just want to say you have a home with a library, this is one luxury property addition easy to admire. 


  • Not the best use of space if you don't read/appreciate books
  • Can be a space that requires ongoing cleaning and special attention to humidity and temps to protect the books 

Pick the elements you want to see in a luxury home and hand over your list to a real estate agent that can help you find what you want. Talk to a local real estate agency that deals in luxury properties, such as Partners Trust Real Estate Brokerage, to learn more.