One of the best places to start looking for homes for sale is with property listings online. When you view listings, you can see pictures, addresses, and descriptions of the homes for sale. As you read the descriptions, you will likely see words that describe the homes. The words used in these listings may have underlying meanings, and you should understand what these are. Here are some common descriptive words you may find in listings and what they probably mean.


When you see the word "fixer-upper," you should instantly know that the house is a handy-man special. A fixer-upper is a house that needs a significant amount of work. If this is the type of home you are searching for, look for listings with this term. The term "potential," also means the same thing. If a house listing states that it has potential, it generally means the same thing as the word fixer upper.


You will likely come across some listings of homes that have the word "cozy" in the descriptions. When you see the word cozy, you should understand that this word usually refers to a home that is on the smaller side. Cozy generally means small, but it can also mean comfortable.


You might also see the word "updated" in some of the listings. If you see this word, use caution. It may not necessarily mean that the entire home is updated. It might only refer to one specific part of the house, and it might not even be a recent update. This word is commonly used to attract people to homes that have some issues with modernizations. You should read the listings carefully to make sure you understand what they are saying is updated in the home so that you do not misunderstand what the word means.


One last word to watch for is the word "opportunity." If you see this word in a listing, it often means that the home needs work. Homeowners often add this word to show that a house may not look the best right now, but it presents a great opportunity for a buyer who is willing to put in some work.

These are just a few terms you might come across as you view homes for sale. If you have questions about the listings you see, ask a real estate agent. You can learn a lot about homes for sale by talking to an agent.